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  • START 14:30
End of delivery:2024/5/13 (Mon)23:59

大阪コレギウム・ムジクム演奏会 大阪ハインリッヒ・シュッツ室内合唱団第21回東京定期公演

The 21st Tokyo Regular Concert of Heinrich Schuetz Kammerchor, OSAKA

LIVE & Archive Classic


During the sales period, limited to one ticket per person per application.
This performance can only be viewed via online video streaming.
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[Archive distribution]
After the end of the main story ~ May 13, 2024 (Mon) 23:59

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This performance will be distributed using the video distribution platform “ULIZA”.
Please make sure that you can watch it in the recommended environment before purchasing.

The site may become crowded just before START, so please register and purchase tickets in plenty of time.


  • [Conductor]當間修一 TOMA SHUICHI
  • [solo, solo, p]木下亜子 KINOSHITA AKO
  • [Chorus]大阪ハインリッヒ・シュッツ室内合唱団 HEINRICH SCHUETZ KAMMERCHOR, OSAKA
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